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At Colonial Instruments we always try to go the extra mile, because as you know, it’s never crowded. That includes working with customers to find out side of the box solutions to their problems by designing and fabricating customized product assemblies.


We can work with you, your client or the project engineer and come up with a product solution for the application at hand. Our experienced Process Instrumentation Specialist will help design and our shop fabricate what you need. We’ve done everything from customized gauge mounting panels, custom mounted DP gauge and manifold assemblies with tubing, custom “Tridicator” and gauge and thermometer assemblies, and much more. Give us a call next time you come across the need for instrumentation that may not be a standard “off the shelf” item, we may just able to come up with a solution.

On several occasions we’ve had customers that have come to us with a requirement for a prefabricated instrument panel that was ready for field installation. We were able to design and have custom mounting panels machined to the correct specifications with the properly spaced mounting holes and assemble the units with the instrumentation and valving required. We even have even created corresponding custom laser etched signage in some cases.

One of the areas that we have found customers have a need for is DP instrumentation with multi-valve manifolds. We can design and fabricate mounting plates for both the instruments and manifolds, cut and bend tubing and provide the proper tube fittings and deliver a completed assembly ready for easy field installation.

The units pictured below are a very specialized product designed for use in the oil and gas industry. These particular units were for a Haliburton Project in the Middle East. They consist of a Ruelco pneumatic pressure switch, which is a three way block and bleed valve that is operated by pressure acting on a piston opposing an adjustable spring force. They needed 135 feet of remote capillary with a diaphragm seal to protect the valve from clogging with crude oil. Colonial Instruments provided the pilot valves, capillary assemblies and diaphragm seals. Did all of the assembly and testing work in our Nashua, NH facility. Each unit was tested and set at the required pressure and hydro-statically tested for any system leaks.

With in our industry, most people have heard of a tridicator or at least will ask for “boiler gauge that reads temperature and pressure”. Most of these products are a low cost product developed for the OEM market and have limited ranges available and often times corrode very easily at the solder joints. We’ve been asked may times if there is a better product offered or is there a way to get a special range that isn’t in the standard offering. So we would always reply with a simple solution, “Use a thermometer and a pressure gauge and some fittings”. But we found that most customers wanted an assembled product and didn’t want to hassle with the time and effort to put them together themselves. So we obliged. So if you’re looking for an all stainless steel “Tridicator” with a customizable pressure and temperature range, give us a call.

Often times we have customers contact us looking for a simple battery operated digital temperature indicator, either remote mount or direct mount. There are options available in the market, but many are quite costly. We’ve found that using a Pyromation RTD or Thermocouple sensor and a Status Brand Digital Indicator is a great solution that is completely customizable. The sensor length, connection, fittings all can be tailored to suit your need. You can get fixed or spring loaded stems, water tight cable and enclosures, spiral armor for remote assemblies, sanitary connections. The possibilities are virtually endless. We’ll assemble here, wire up and program the unit in F or C and ship all ready to install. We also offer thermowells and can provide traceable temperature calibration.

We have extensive diaphragm seal capabilities at Colonial Instruments, which is covered in more detail in our Diaphragm Seal Services section. This section shows some examples of more unique and customized diaphragm seal assemblies and products. Some products feature valving and accessories, such as flushing rings bolted between flanges. In another product featured below, we worked with the engineers at Parker Fittings Division to develop a custom flush mount flow through fitting with tube ends for an application where any dead space was not acceptable.