A liquid filled case not only protects your gauges from vibration, but can also protect your gauges from extreme outdoor conditions during the winter months.
The low temperature dependence displayed by silicone oils compared with other liquids has been proven in extreme climatic conditions such as those found in Siberia or Alaska. Potential icing up of the moving parts is prevented by the liquid filling, i.e. the instruments are functional even in extreme conditions. A further advantage of liquid fillings is that they rule out corrosive attacks on the interior of the pressure measuring instrument.
Since the viscosity of liquids is conditional on temperature, a choice of standard fillings is available to match the various thermal conditions of the application.
Colonial Instruments offer a variety of case fillings for cold weather applications including Standard 99.7% 1000cSt Glycerine (-4°F to 140°F), Food Grade Silicone 350 cSt (-40°F to 140°F), Silicone 50cst for Extreme Cold to -60°F and Glycerine / Water 86.5% Solution (-40°F to 140°F)
Advantages of liquid filling:
  • extends the life of the gauge when used in high-dynamic operating conditions
  • prevents resonance-induced fracturing of the Bourdon tubes
  • allows readings even when vibration and pulsations are present
  • prevents aggressive ambient air from entering the gauge case
  • prevents condensation and the formation of ice
  • improves overall operational reliability even under extreme loads
  • offers an economical solution to pressure measuring problems.