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Marquest Scientific

Family owned and operated since 1979, Marquest Scientific’s roots in ThermoPlastic injection molding of corrosion resistant and high purity plastics began in the late 1950s, when our founder brought over the first reciprocating screw type injection molding machine to the USA from Ankerwerk, a company based out of Nurnberg, Germany. It was this machine that solved the problem of molding highly rigid PVC industrial parts and gave our founder the confidence to mold the industrys first all plastic ball valve in 1964. This spirit of innovation and expertise is what drives our company today and is why you can expect Marquest Scientific products to be delivered to you at the highest quality and best value in the industry.


Marquest Scientific provides solutions to the fluid handling and control industry by applying the continuing advancements in technology. We diligently accept the responsibility to listen, understand and effectively participate.


Growth through diversified applications of all resources. A leader by standards of quality, service, value and innovation.


As both large and small companies originate from different foundations, the true successes are realized through our early values of commitment. We began our commitment in the late 1960’s as family members realized the future importance of developing fluid handling components of engineering thermoplastics. Participating in new product design and process development as materials continues to improve and offer endless opportunities for solutions. This has taken us on a long and inspirational journey. Some 40 years later, still family owned, our commitment is the same. Our valued relationships with others in industry have provided the basis for learning and achievement. This is something we will always respect.