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Charles "Pete" D. Peterson, Jr.

The Pete’s Plug® Legacy

In 1965, Charles “Pete” D. Peterson, Jr. invented a device to help utility people quickly take pressure readings. With the support of his wife, Bonnie, and children, he decided to become an entrepreneur to fulfill a need in the natural gas and HVAC industry. Pete started designing and manufacturing the plugs in his garage and ran the business from a small table in his master bedroom. The business quickly grew and in 1969 Pete formed his own company, Peterson Equipment Co., Inc. to design, develop, and produce pressure and temperature test plugs.

Pete’s inventions include the most popular pressure and temperature reading plugs used today with a ¼” NPT brass housing. This Pete’s Plug® allows for the use of a 1/8″ diameter pressure needle to be used without becoming bent or clogged like other standard needles. Importantly, the Pete’s Plug® also has two self closing valves for rapid sealing upon removal of the needle or temperature probe. A second plug was developed with a ½” NPT housing that would allow pressure & temperature readings using a bi-metal thermometer. Pete strengthened his original design with a simple but important feature of a rubber strap to keep the plug cap attached to the plug body for easier and longer use out in the field. The “Pete’s Plug” is offered in brass and stainless steal with nordel, neoprene, kalrez, and viton cores.

The “Pete’s Plug®” is used by the Natural Gas & Hydronic Industries as well as in numerous other applications. Thank you in part to our wonderful sales representatives around the world, the sales of the Pete’s Plug® are over 36 Million units in the last 50 years and is the standard pressure or temperature test plug used by many companies and industries throughout the world. Today, the Pete’s Plug® and all Peterson Equipment Co., Inc.’s products are manufactured by hand. The products are produced in the United States of America. Our main plant is located in Houston, Texas. Pete’s company is still a family owned and operated business, lead by two of his grandchildren, Amanda (President & CEO) and John (Operations Manager).