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Zavoda Manufacturing, LaGrange, TX

Our Diaphragm Seal, made by The Zavoda Manufacturing Co., Inc. is called a Zeal ®.

Zeal® is short for Zavoda Diaphragm Seal and is our registered trademark. The Zavoda Diaphragm Seal (Zeal ®) is available in two basic sizes – a “Small Size” and a “Large Size”. The small size is the 5 series and the large size is the 6 series. The difference between the two series is that the effective diaphragm area used in the 6 series Zeal is double that of the effective diaphragm area used in the 5 series Zeal. Therefore, the series 6 Zeal should be the choice for all sensitive and low pressure applications.

SPECIAL PATENTED FEATURE – A patented feature of the metal diaphragm, used in the Type W and Type M Zeal, is the addition of spoke corrugations to the radial corrugations. The spoke corrugations reduce hoop stress in the metal thus enabling the metal diaphragm to flex more readily and allow more displacement of the liquid fill fluid. This patented feature allows our Diaphragm Seal to have more displacement than other manufacturers and therefore is more sensitive.

Zavoda Manufacturing Co., Inc. is located in LaGrange, TX and our products are proudly made in the USA.