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3D Instruments offers a full line of precision pressure gauges for a wide range of applications. Every pressure gauge we manufacture provides superior, reliable performance, even in the most challenging applications.

We offer process gauges, test gauges, precision test gauges, switch gauges, and more, all in a range of styles and configurations to meet your unique pressure gauge needs. See our product listings below for detailed information on any of our products.

The Right Pressure Gauge for Your Application

We manufacture pressure gauges for all types of applications, from air compressors to discharge pumps. We serve a broad range of industries, but our main focus is engineering pressure gauges that can withstand harsh environments. Because our gauges are often used in self contained breathing apparatuses that ensure the safety of people who work in hazardous conditions, we strive to ensure that our gauges are reliable, accurate and durable. Our gauges are designed to resist breakage, wear, corrosion and discoloration.

To help you maximize the functionality of your pressure gauge, we also offer specially-designed pressure gauge accessories. Our accessories are designed to help protect our gauges and further ensure their longevity.

The Direct Drive Difference

Our Direct Drive technology is the core strength of our pressure gauges. Direct Drive technology helps to extend the life of our pressure gauges – even when your application involves intense pulsations or vibrations. Additionally, Direct Drive technology prevents gauges from failing prematurely by incorporating a standard burst pressure that is 500% greater than the dial range. All of our Direct Drive gauges come with a 6-year warranty.

Because our gauges do not need to be replaced or recalibrated as often, a pressure gauge from 3D Instruments can help you save a great deal of money over the long term. The Direct Drive Difference is the bedrock of our company’s commitment to quality. In fact, 3D Instruments derive its name from the Direct Drive Difference. Maintenance technicians, airline pilots and firefighters alike have all experienced the benefits of the Direct Drive Difference.

Custom Pressure Gauges

3D Instruments customizes pressure gauges to meet your unique specifications. Discuss your application with our engineers to learn more about how we can create a custom gauge that can stand up to the unique challenges of your industry. We work will work directly with your design team in order to ensure an efficient and cost-effective development process.